Top 10+ SEO companies of United Kingdom

Who is the best SEO expert in the UK?

Here is my independent top of the best SEO consultants in the UK and possibly in the world.

We live in a world of deception

Most of the digital advertising is now using deception – exaggerating and amplifying small truths. Clearly omitting the negatives aspects just to create a lie.
Even our legal systems tend to ignore the truth and there is not enough enforcing against deceptive marketing.

World Wide Web is now a web of deception.

The prophet said it well: “The human heart is most deceitful and desperately wicked” (Jeremiah 17:9).

Biased SEO tops

I’ve been searching for top SEO companies UK, top SEO consultants, top SEO experts, top SEO professionals and so on.
But all SEO tops are biased! The rankings in a top should be made according to a certain criteria that could prove the SEOs are good at doing SEO. On the web this is rarely the case though.

Create a profile and pay thousands to be listed in the top

Yet most of these SEO tops rank only the SEO companies that create a profile on their network and pay thousands per month. In detail: This portal asks SEOs for money to be listed on top, ranking them by who pays more.

The best SEO expert companies of the UK should not be ranked by biased(fictive) reviews from deceptive networks that charge a fee to list sites on their top SEOs list. Those who pay(bid) the most get to be listed higher on top of SEO experts.

I would never trust a network that uses a bidding system and has the name of a car part. Are they former mechanics? It’s a miracle that the FTC didn’t close their business yet.

How is that a fair list for somebody who searches for:

  • “Who is the best SEO expert in the UK?”
  • “Who is the World No 1 SEO expert?”
  • “Who is the best SEO agency?”
  • “What company has the best SEO?”
  • “Who is world’s best Google ranking expert?”

SEO speakers that speak but don’t do SEO?

I’m also disappointed by some Top SEOs lists that included a lot of “SEO speakers” that don’t do SEO, and some SEO speakers don’t even have a website?? Or have one that doesn’t rank for SEO keywords?? Quite lot of these speakers have nothing to do with SEO and they don’t even do SEO. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are good SEOs that also speak at conferences! But most are not.

Confusing PPC with SEO

Also some speakers talk about what they think is “SEO” but they actually refer to PPC?(Pay Per Click IS NOT SEO. PPC means paying directly to Google to add your site as a “sponsored” advertisement). We live in a world of deception…

SEOs ranked by fictive reviews

The top SEO experts should be ranked at least by their Google reviews, not by the biased reviews added in a network that didn’t prove it can fight fictive reviews.

“UK SEO experts” that don’t rank for “SEO expert UK” in Google

It’s awkward to see lists of top SEO experts that don’t include SEOs that are ranking in the first page of Google UK with SEO keywords??? We live in a world of deception.

SEO names that I have never heard or seen ranking.

I’m seeing all these SEO lists with names that I have never seen ranking in Google? How can they prove they’re good at SEO when they don’t even rank in Google?

My Unbiased Top of SEO Experts from UK

Disclaimer: my own site is listed on the top, but for good reason as it’s better than the others in most SEO sections.
So, this is my unbiased list of Top UK SEO companies, ranking the SEOs’ websites by a complex criteria based on independent factors like:

TB – Total backlinks – x 1000 (x1K). This shows how many other websites link to the SEO agency own website. To rank high in Google a website should have a lot of quality backlinks.
PQ – Percentage of quality backlinks. Percentage of quality backlinks.
PM – Performance Score mobile- Google’s PageSpeed Insights. The overall performance score of a website according to Google (mobile version).
PD – Performance Score desktop – Google’s PageSpeed Insights. The overall performance score of a website according to Google (desktop version).
FCLS – Free of CLS errors. Cumulative layout shifts errors hurt rankings so it’s important for a SEO professional to know how to fix the CLS issues.
Google 1st page ranking with “SEO Expert UK”. If they rank in Google 1st page for “SEO Expert UK”.
Google reviews. Google is still the most reliable source of independent reviews. Google may not be free of fictive reviews but they still do a better job of fighting spam compared to the biased networks. N/A means they don’t have or I couldn’t find their GMB (Google My-business) profile.

How to read the table.
Answering to the questions:
1 = YES.
0 = NO.

As an example, if a business has 1 at the “Free of CLS errors” it means: Yes, it’s free of CLS errors.

Top SEO Companies UK

This is my updated list for 2022 (December).


TOP UK SEO expert / company TB
#1 for
“SEO expert UK”?
score 28 99% 100 100 1 1 5 1 60% 96 99 1 1 5 6 33% 18 44 1 0 4.9 1 52% 18 53 1 1 4.9 18 83% 90 99 1 1 4.2 1 57% 89 99 1 0 5 1 21% 44 94 1 0 5 1 74% 80 99 1 1 5 1 38% 97 100 1 1 5 1 62% 69 92 0 0 N/A 1 36% 47 92 1 0 4.6 21 54% 86 99 1 0 N/A


Top SEO firms in the UK – more info

We have compiled the above list of the top SEO businesses in the UK since we recognise how important they are.

It might be really difficult to choose a top SEO firm in the UK that is both affordable and meets your requirements for SERP results. Hiring a seasoned SEO firm can be beneficial because effective SEO techniques increase a website’s exposure and usability while also improving user experience. Users trust organic search results, so having your company included among the top results can increase traffic to your website.

Picking an SEO company can be challenging.

With thousands of SEO suppliers in the UK alone, the market is cluttered. Each provides unique services or outcomes, making it difficult to decide who to believe.

How do you pick the best UK-based SEO company for your business when there are so many options?

The agency or consultancy that is selected will have a significant influence. A trustworthy, respected specialist will lead you in the process of putting your SEO puzzle together by assisting you in comprehending the many pieces.

When you don’t have the time to become an expert in SEO, how do you choose one? Although it’s necessary to exercise caution, with SEO, the proof is frequently found in the outcomes they create, and by that point, it may be too late.

You need to be meticulous

You need to be meticulous and provide yourself a method that enables you to decide whether prospects will be a suitable fit in order to find the SEO agency that will work effectively with you. Such a procedure can assist you in sorting out the “experts” from those who are worth your time from those you wouldn’t want to let near a line of your code.

Step 1: Internal planning

What internal work should be done first before you start asking for recommendations or even talking to any SEOs?

You must be clear about your objectives if you want to get the most out of your SEO investment. We advise having a discussion about *why* you are doing SEO and what you hope to accomplish from the campaign with all the important stakeholders in your company.

You won’t be able to gauge progress if your SEO objectives aren’t properly stated.

Aim for well-defined, measurable objectives that you can track while setting your goals.

Good SEO objectives include, for instance:

As part of a larger effort to enhance site revenue, we wish to increase the number of sales generated by organic traffic.
We want to use SEO to increase the amount of organic visitors that signs up for our newsletter because we know that email subscribers convert well.
We need to get in front of our audience while they are considering a large purchase because our business relies on leads from our website, so we depend on our SEO to assist us acquire traffic for particular topics our audience searches for.

Now that you are clear on what you want our SEO business to do, it is time to start compiling a list of potential contacts.

When faced with so many alternatives, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Step 2: Finding local SEOs via Google – “Top 10 Best SEO companies UK”:

It’s likely that you will find websites that claim to display lists of the top suppliers if you search for SEO businesses, particularly if you use terms like “best SEO company.” Certain websites, which focus on these phrases, are essentially aggregators. They don’t inform you that they are paid for; the company at the top just paid the most; their position isn’t determined by their ability, performance, or customer feedback. There are services that put you in touch with relevant professionals as well as recommended lists compiled by other independent experts. Those may be far more beneficial sources.

It can be tempting to post a request for recommendations for a “good SEO” on a social media site like LinkedIn. You’ll be overrun by people vying for your attention, but there won’t be anything to assist you separate the wheat from the chaff. But recommendations from people you trust might still be useful.

Step 3: So how do you narrow down the list of potential SEOs?

You might start by defining the factors that are most important to you.

As was already mentioned, depending on how you want to work, having a local partner—or someone at least close enough—may be essential. You may also require someone skilled in content creation or technical SEO, depending on your objectives. A huge firm with several resources is needed to manage a big campaign; alternatively, you might need a freelance consultant who can collaborate closely with your internal team. Finally, you might want to take a look at your spending plan. For instance, many agencies have a minimum spend requirement.

Once these standards have been set, determining if a company belongs on your shortlist will be lot simpler for you.

You probably have some additional excellent sources in addition to searching for them online (as was mentioned above):

Your social circle, coworkers, and professional networks: There’s a good chance that someone you know has experience with an SEO firm and would be pleased to recommend it. Personal recommendations can be found in abundance from your friends and professional networks, such as business networks and local meet-ups that you participate in.

Similar businesses: As a network extension, if you can locate non-competing businesses with a similar position or operating model to your own, you can get to know them. You can also conduct an SEO search for their name to check if any companies have written case studies about dealing with them.

Step 4: Examine case studies and recommendations.

The next stage in your search for suggested SEO services should be to look for testimonials from previous clients.

Most agencies provide a list of clients they have worked with, frequently including detailed case studies or even positive client feedback. Use these to identify a company that has a solid track record as well as evidence that they have experience working with websites similar to yours or on projects that meet your requirements.

Step 5: Questions to ask a prospective SEO firm.

It’s time to start talking to the people on your shortlist once you have them. The agency will frequently be pleased to conduct some preliminary study on your sector and go through some of the pertinent tactics they have previously employed.

Such a consultation meeting will enable you to get a sense of their temperament, interests, and working style. It also presents you with the ideal chance to enquire of them in order to aid your decision-making.

In order to separate the good fits from the bad fits, you may ask the following questions, or at the very least, you should feel confident that you know the answers:

This will demonstrate how much effort they spent investigating you in advance and whether they have any prior experience in your industry. The agency must comprehend your organisation in order for SEO to be truly successful so that it aligns with how you operate and what your audience wants assistance with.

Who will oversee our account and be responsible for daily operations?

Can I meet the group of people working on my project?

Can you give a summary of the activities that will comprise our strategy? What method will you employ to carry out our objectives, and why that particular method?

What are the requirements from us for this to work?

Can you provide some samples of the content you have gathered from sources and produced for clients?

Will you modify the material on my website? What types of material will you produce?

Could you provide some instances of links you have successfully built for clients? What kind of link-building work would you perform for us?

Do you abide by Google’s recommended standards?

What suggestions do you have for the technical layout of our website?

Which adjustments to our website would you make?

How frequently will we communicate?

Can I talk to a few satisfied customers?

You should request references from clients the company has worked with in addition to the case studies you have already reviewed. This is a good approach to separate the good agencies from the bad. Poor agencies won’t have loyal customers, much less those who would be willing to speak with you. It’s not uncommon for an agency to claim that NDAs preclude this, but some may wonder if this is indeed the case for all of their customers.

Step 5: Final selection of your SEO consultant, agency, or expert

It’s decision time now that you’ve done your research, spoken with your candidates, and answered your questions.

In fact, you might already be certain of your decision.

In either case, the following crucial elements can support your choice:

Trust: After meeting the SEO professional, you should have developed some trust with the business through references, contacts in your network who have worked with them, and their responses to your inquiries.

Goals. Do your objectives and their methods of operation align? You want to be pleased that the SEO company is aware of your objectives and will offer a programme aimed at attaining them.

Evidence of prior work that is pertinent: either in your industry, with a company that has a website or business strategy that is similar to yours, or with the kind of SEO job you need assistance with.

Price and agreement: Price and contract type (whether project-based or a longer-term retainer) must both fit inside your budget, and both must be acceptable to you.

Research is ultimately the key to identifying solid possibilities, and talking with the individuals who made the short list will help you determine who is the best match for your goals and working style.

Choose a company that has experience in a related sector and is constantly available to answer your queries. Above all, avoid making compromises; if none of the possibilities feel right, continue your search.

Paul Hoda, a freelance SEO Expert and SEO Consultant in London is also an SEO content writer. He has amazing background in SEO marketing. Paul writes about SEO algorithmic changes and offers SEO services in London, UK, for small and large businesses. Getting an alumni several graduation degrees is not enough to be the best in SEO. Long term SEO experience is also necessary.