Benefits of Ranking on Google’s First Page

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Every time a person needs to find something, they typically search on Google. To get your website to the top of Google’s rankings, you should therefore hire a SEO expert. It is pretty uncommon for someone conducting a Google search to scroll past the first page of results.

They would typically find what they need on the first page, so it would not be a good idea to settle for the second or even third page.

Benefit 1: Most searchers engage with page #1

According to studies, most searches only scroll to page #1, with 75% of searchers never moving on to page #2. That is almost all you need to know about the advantages of being on Google’s first page.

As it can be seen in the figure 1, only 25% of visitors check the results on Page 2 or beyond.

However, we may examine how searchers interact with listings on page 1 as opposed to page 2 to further investigate this.

Only 0.77% of searchers clicked on a result on page #2 in a study of 5.5 million search results, showing a sharp decline in the click-through rate with listings on results pages after page 1#!

Benefit 2: Increased conversions

According to studies, the top result on page 1 will receive most of the hits, with the average click-through rate for the top result on Google being 32%!

In several ways, a top-page Google ranking can aid in boosting conversion rates. First and foremost, more people will see your link if it is on Page 1. And more people visit the linked page as a result of them clicking on your link.

The basic goal of SEO activities and efforts is to increase the amount of high-quality visitors to the website. The ultimate goal of SEO operations is to rank on Page 1. Many of the traits of a highly ranked website also draw visitors. The tactics you use to rank on Page 1 will improve the usability and appeal of your website to customers.

Plenty of SEOs to choose from

It’s fortunate that now there are a lot of top SEO experts that can assist you in reaching Google’s first page with your website. Your SEO consultant will coordinate with you to learn more about your objectives as their first step. From there, you can anticipate him or her to have a solid strategy for how they intend to help your business achieve that objective. It is clear that each team member has received the necessary training to provide you with the best possible service.

Additionally, your website will receive many times more visitors than usual. That is much preferable to receiving nothing at all. After all, it would be a waste to put so much effort into creating a beautiful website if no one would ever visit it.

The cost of page #1 in Google

Are you worried that the price that you get charged for your SEO services might be a little bit high? Don’t be concerned; SEO is now a competitive market and most consultants stay away from charging high fees.

They are going to stick by your side no matter what happens, and they are going to address any concerns as soon as you bring them up, regardless of what time of day it is. In addition to this, they will not waste your time by making a large number of empty promises that will never be fulfilled. They will not waste any time in getting to the meat of the matter when discussing what it is that they are doing.

Benefits of ranking on Google’s first page: Conclusion

The greatest benefit of this investment is that appearing on Google’s first page will last for a very long time. It is something that will last for as long as you want, not just a few days, which will give you an edge over your competitors right away. Without a doubt, you would want to have a favourable position over them no matter what industry you chose to enter.

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