White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

White hat SEO Also called Ethical SEO the White Hat SEO is used by those who aim for a long-term investment on their website. White hat SEO in the search engine optimization world refers as the usage of optimization strategies that completely follow search engine rules and policies and rely on a human audience opposed … Read more

Organic SEO

Organic SEO A natural placement on organic search engine results pages is achieved by processes that compose Organic SEO. Several examples of the techniques and processes that are used for organic SEO are formed by using keyword analysis and keywords, link building, back linking and writing relevant content for any human reader that might be … Read more

5 SEO myths

The top 5 SEO myths of the current year that every SEO expert should know about are: The most important SEO myth is that people think that inbound links from multiple websites that are hosted on the same IP have no SEO value. That’s wrong! A link on a good page means a vote no matter what … Read more